About Us

Who weare.

Baylands Development Company was formed to develop this property into a truly unique place to live. Purchased in 1989, our founders have waited for exactly the right moment to create the kind of community that will set the standard for urban development. We are passionately committed to creating a place that reimagines how we live, interact and connect.

Whatwe do.

We have brought together a team of people with a shared commitment to incorporate innovative land planning and architectural design with a focus on creating community through public spaces. Our goal is to repurpose this property to restore its natural beauty and correct the decades of abuse the land has endured.

Our mission is to develop a modern, forward-thinking community that lives and breathes, leaving space where people can naturally gather and connect. Environmental, economic, and social sustainability are core values that guide our efforts from conceptual design through property management.

What we stand for.

OnePlanet Living® Principles

Health & Happiness

Encouraging active, sociable, meaningful lives to promote good health and wellbeing.

Equity + Local Economy

Creating safe, equitable places to live and work that support local prosperity and international fair trade.

Culture + Community

Nurturing local identity and heritage, empowering communities, and promoting a culture of sustainable living.

Land + Nature

Protecting and restoring land for the benefit of people and wildlife.

Local + Sustainable

Promoting sustainable, humane farming and healthy diets in local, seasonal organic food and vegetable protein.

Material + Products

Using materials from sustainable sources and promoting products that help people reduce consumption.

Travel + Transport

Reducing the need to travel and encouraging walking, cycling, and low-carbon transport.

Sustainable Water

Using water efficiently, protecting local water sources, and reducing flooding and drought.

Zero Waste

Reducing consumption, reusing and recycling, and working to achieve zero waste and zero pollution.

Zero Carbon

Making buildings and manufacturing energy efficiently, aiming to source all energy from local renewables.