The Zero-Carbon Community of the Future Is Being Built Today



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Zero Carbon

Reclaiming Urban Land to Build the Community of the Future

Building a sustainable city starts with restoring the land itself: 700 acres with Bay and mountain views. A former landfill transformed into a solar farm. An abandoned rail yard reclaimed as public parks and much-needed housing. A forgotten eyesore reimagined as a thriving community.


700 acres of
rehabilited land


80 acres of
revitalized wetlands


140 acres of parks
and open spaces

The 15-Minute City

Live, work, and play in a city designed at human scale—a place where you can walk anywhere in just 15 minutes. To bring this vision of pedestrian living to life, we’re applying the four principles of New Urbanism:

geneva bayland
round house lawn

This Time, Cars Are Actually Part of the Solution

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Introducing the world's first EV-integrated microgrid. This visionary energy solution utilizes an on-site fleet of electric vehicles charged by 100% green energy. The EVs store that energy and supply it back to the system when demand is high.

It's an energy and mobility solution in one.

electric vehicle
Image ©General Motors
solar solutions
solar panel
Image ©General Motors
solar panel

Sustainability Made Easy

The Baylands is being built from the ground up to help address climate change. Everyone wants to live a lower-carbon lifestyle. But it’s hard. At The Baylands, the heavy lifting is done for you. Every aspect of the community is designed to help you reduce your carbon footprint. Easily. That's true sustainability.

Designed For Convenient Living

The Baylands makes life's details easier to manage, so you can focus on the things most important to you. In essence, we give you back time—time for family, for friends, for community.

  • Grocery Delivery
  • Meal Prep
  • School Pickup & Drop-off
  • Daycare
  • Housecleaning
  • Local Errand Service
  • Pet Sitting
  • Package Acceptance
  • Community Learning
  • Local Artisan Goods
  • Electric Car Sharing
  • Neighborhood CafEs
  • Shared Office Space
  • Hydroponic Food Production
  • Artist Exhibits
  • Lending Libraries
  • Community Gardens
  • Farmers Market
baylands park
transit plaza

10,000 residents 20,000 new jobs

With 5,400 homes and 8.5 million square feet of commercial space integrated throughout eight distinct neighborhoods, The Baylands is designed to be a community connected by common values:

  • 140 Acres of parks
  • Housing for all income levels
  • Bicycle & pedestrian-friendly streets
  • Bidirectional ev infrastructure
  • Clean tech & life sciences office space

Work From Home
Or Come Home From Work

Whether you choose to WFH full-time, part-time, or occasionally,
The Baylands workspaces are professionally equipped for maximum productivity.

chair logo
Shared work

with plenty of
elbow room

Get on the list!

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    Dedicated in-home

    lab logo
    office & lab space
    for lease for
    small and large
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    Live & work
    in the same community,

    giving yourself
    and your employees
    valuable time back

    A Green City
    That's Truly Green

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    echo park view echo park view

    Nestled between the mountains and the Bay, The Baylands setting is ideal for out-the-door adventure. Hop on the 500-mile SF Bay Trail and discover the coast, go off the grid on San Bruno Mountain, head out for a day on the water, or simply explore the 100+ acres of green spaces within the property itself.

    lagoon park

    The Baylands Vision: The 15 Minute City withSustainability and Stewardship

    A conversation with visionary placemaker William Murray and Baylands CEO Greg Vilkin.


    The Baylands Podcast

    The Baylands Podcast is a conversation about the global and local strategies—from development to transportation—that make zero-carbon living achievable. In each Baylands episode we talk with a preeminent expert, keying in on how sustainable living—in the form of intentionally-designed communities—can enhance lifestyle, making life easier and more meaningful while at the same time reducing our carbon footprint.


    Sonny Caberwal: Human Connection

    Sonny Caberwal is a serial entrepreneur who is fascinated by how technology can improve the quality of our lives. Sonny is currently partnering with the developers of The Baylands to help design a mixed-use, sustainable community on the 700-acre site that will foster equity and human connection. In this episode, we take a deep dive into how Sonny is helping design the community in ways that will enhance the lifestyle of the thousands who will live and work there, while also giving the experience more meaning.

    Sonny has spent the last two years with a team of researchers exploring life skill-based learning for children. That research has culminated with Legends, an AI startup aimed at teaching kids confidence. Previously, he co-founded and sold one of the earliest e-commerce fashion brands in India.

    Listen Now:

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      Behind Baylands

      We believe in building the framework for communities to thrive with spaces designed to foster true interaction. Sustainability, equity, mobility, and the restoration of local lands are among our core operating principles. Much like the residents who choose to call The Baylands home, every person involved with this project has actively chosen to create a better way of living.