Bayshore Station

at The Baylands


We Mean Business

With more than 5,000 people working here, constant events, tons of stand-up street food and sit-down eateries, Bayshore Station is humming. With contiguous proximity to Bayshore Residential, it epitomizes the 15-minute city. Everything you need is virtually next door. Folks can get around on foot or via Muni, bikes, scooters, and EVs. Trains arrive 4x an hour. Our office campus by the Caltrain station serves as a programmable podium with a rolling slate of gatherings, food halls, and summits. Bayshore Station is both a destination and an institution.

  • Flexible office, hotels, retail and restaurants
  • Integrated with Caltrain station
  • Eclectic, innovative, international
  • An ecosystem of innovation
Leland Square

The Connection to the City

Bayshore Residential

We Mean Business

Geneva Point

Gateway From the East and West

Roadhouse District

Gather Round for Culture and Entertainment

Icehouse Innovation Campus

A New Home for Life Sciences

Sierra Point

Mixed Use Sophistication

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    The Baylands

    We believe in building the framework for communities to thrive with spaces designed to foster true interaction. Sustainability, equity, mobility, and the restoration of local lands are among our core operating principles. Much like the residents who choose to call The Baylands home, every person involved with this project has actively chosen to create a better way of living.