Greg Vilkin: The Baylands—A Visionary Model For Sustainable Living

Our guest is Greg Vilkin, CEO of The Baylands Development Company, which is in the process of developing 700 acres for the zero-carbon community The Baylands. The property straddles San Francisco and San Mateo counties and will offer more than 5000 homes and 8-½ million square feet of commercial space. In this episode, Greg explains how The Baylands aligns with the increasingly popular 15-minute city concept and why we will be seeing more of these kinds of sustainable communities. Plus: how communities like Baylands are addressing issues such as lack of affordable housing and human connection.

Greg has spent the past four decades as an executive developing complex, high profile, mixed- use projects—From San Francisco Bayside Village to LA Live to Central Park, built on the site of Stapleton International Airport in Denver.

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