The Baylands Podcast

The Baylands Podcast is a conversation about the global and local strategies—from development to transportation—that make zero-carbon living achievable. In each Baylands episode we talk with a preeminent expert, keying in on how sustainable living—in the form of intentionally-designed communities—can enhance lifestyle, making life easier and more meaningful while at the same time reducing our carbon footprint.

Sonny Caberwal: Human Connection

Sonny Caberwal is a serial entrepreneur who is fascinated by how technology can improve the quality of our lives. Sonny is currently partnering with the developers of The Baylands to help design a mixed-use, sustainable community on the 700-acre site that will foster equity and human connection. In this episode, we take a deep dive into how Sonny is helping design the community in ways that will enhance the lifestyle of the thousands who will live and work there, while also giving the experience more meaning.

Sonny has spent the last two years with a team of researchers exploring life skill-based learning for children. That research has culminated with Legends, an AI startup aimed at teaching kids confidence. Previously, he co-founded and sold one of the earliest e-commerce fashion brands in India.

More Episodes

Greg Vilkin: The Baylands—A Visionary Model For Sustainable Living

Our guest is Greg Vilkin, CEO of The Baylands Development Company, which is in the process of developing 700 acres for the zero-carbon community The Baylands. The property straddles San Francisco and San Mateo counties and will offer more than 5000 homes and 8-½ million square feet of commercial space. In this episode, Greg explains how The Baylands aligns with the increasingly popular 15-minute city concept and why we will be seeing more of these kinds of sustainable communities. Plus: how communities like Baylands are addressing issues such as lack of affordable housing and human connection.

Greg has spent the past four decades as an executive developing complex, high profile, mixed- use projects—From San Francisco Bayside Village to LA Live to Central Park, built on the site of Stapleton International Airport in Denver.

William Murray: Reclaiming Land For Sustainable Communities

William Murray is co-founder of Murray Twohig, a London-based firm that crafts development strategies for developers, investors and cities, helping them to create long-term value with successful, thriving places. In this episode, William shares how purposeful planning can turn reclaimed land with proximity to major metropolitan cities into sustainable communities.

William has worked on some of the world’s most prestigious buildings and developments including Battersea Power Station in London, and One World Trade Center and Hudson Yards in New York.

Katherine Perez : The Future is Urban

Our guest is Katharine Perez, Los Angeles Cities Leader and Principal with Arup, a global firm dedicated to sustainable development. In this episode, Katherine keys in on sustainable urban planning and development—concepts that move away from our country’s focus on suburban living and the daily use of a car. Katherine also shares about how today’s most progressive urban planners are making a point to design communities that foster diversity and inclusion.

With her background in community and private real estate development, transportation policy and urban planning, Katherine is recognized as a leader in the planning and development fields. She is also currently working on The Baylands, specifically the design and implementation of the sustainable and mobility aspects of the project.